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Vulnerability Report & Security Research / Intel ME Vulnerability
« Last post by Hardhead on Today at 01:56:34 am »
By exile360, Saturday at 04:26 PM in General Chat

For a long time security experts have warned about the dangers of using insecure software and hardware.  They tell us to never use simple passwords, never to write down our passwords, never leave our devices unlocked, and to always change the default administrator password on our routers and other devices.  But what if there was a device inside your CPU, the central 'brain' of your computer that was always on, even when the system is powered off, and what if I told you this device was inside every computer built in the last 11 or so years and that it was so secret and its code so obscured that security researchers can't even audit its code for potential vulnerabilities and that it has full access to your network devices and storage devices in your system, has the ability to power on your system remotely, and even access your hardware and data when no operating system is installed or running?  You would probably tell me that it's time to get my tinfoil hat resized because it's on a little too tight, right?  Well unfortunately not only is this a reality, but it has already had vulnerabilities discovered that could exploit it.

What I am referring to is a piece of technology called IME or the Intel Management Engine.  It is a piece of code that runs inside a chip inside every Intel CPU and it was designed to allow remote control of every Intel based PC.  Unfortunately even if you're using an AMD processor you still have something like this, except they call it 'TrustZone' (a rather ironic name in my opinion :P).

Well, as has been a theme lately, a new vulnerability has been discovered in Intel's Management Engine and the only way to patch it is through a firmware update.  This can be done manually, but it isn't very straightforward, especially if your OEM/system manufacturer hasn't supplied a patch (most don't for these kinds of vulnerabilities unfortunately, especially for older systems).  For those who wish to attempt patching it on your own, you'll find all the tools and instructions required at the Win-Raid Forum here.  They have links to downloads for all of the required tools to check your ME version and the utilities from Intel to patch it along with the latest firmware versions.  That said, if you do intend to patch as I did, BE CAREFUL and read the instructions and information in that post very carefully as there is no one size fits all firmware and you could easily brick your system if you do the wrong thing; sadly the only alternative is to remain vulnerable to potential ME exploits

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Author:  Sergiu Gatlan

Cybercriminals have upgraded their credit card skimming scripts to use an iframe-based phishing system designed to phish for credit/debit card info from Magento-powered store customers on checkout.

Magecart groups usually inject JavaScript-based payment data skimmers within the code of the website, with the scripts collecting and exfiltrating payment information in the background and customers never even noticing that it happened.

In this case, as Malwarebytes security researcher Jérôme Segura discovered, the crims injected their credit card stealer scripts within every page of the hacked websites and configured it to pop-up as a phishing form asking the buyers to provide the info themselves.

full article here:
Author: Lawrence Abrams

Microsoft has officially started to roll out Windows 10 version 1903, called the May 2019 Update, to everyone. Originally released to Insiders for testing on April 8th, Microsoft has now made it available to everyone.

According to an announcement by Microsoft, their month long testing by Windows Insiders has shown that the Windows 10 May 2019 Update is ready to be made available to all users.

For users who wish to install it now, they can go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update and then check for new updates. If the update is available in your region, it will not be installed automatically, but rather offered as an available "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903" that you can choose to "Download and install now".

full article here:
Security & Technology News / Microsoft updates break AV software, again!
« Last post by Antus67 on Today at 01:25:19 am »
Author: Zeljka Zorz, Managing EditorMay 21, 2019

Microsoft’s May 2019 security fixes have again disrupted the normal functioning of some endpoint security products on certain Windows versions.

We have had a few customers reporting that following on from the Microsoft Windows 14th May patches they are experiencing a hang on boot where the machines appear to get stuck on ‘Configuring 30%’,” UK-based Sophos explained.

“We have currently only identified the issue on a few customers running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.”

Sophos is working on fixing the problem. In the meantime, users of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control and Sophos Central Endpoint Standard/Advanced have been advised to remove the “offending” Windows updates (KB4499164 or KB4499165) for the AVs to work, and delay the patching until Sophos delivers the update that will fix the conflict.

full article here:

Author: Tom Spring
May 21, 2019 5:21 pm

Mozilla has released a host of fixes for its browser as it rolls out its latest 67 version of Firefox, which touts better speed and privacy.

Mozilla patched several critical vulnerabilities with the release of its Firefox 67 browser on Tuesday.

The worst of the bugs patched are two memory safety flaws that could allow attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system, according to a security bulletin issued by United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT).

One of the critical bugs (CVE-2019-9800) impacts the Firefox and the Firefox ESR browser in version 66. The Firefox ESR browser is its Extended Support Release version of Firefox, designed for mass deployments.

full article here:
Author: Ionut Arghire on May 21, 2019

Mozilla this week released Firefox 67 to the stable channel with improved protection against tracking and with fingerprinting and crypto-mining protection capabilities.

The new feature builds on the previously introduced privacy-focused opt-in Tracking Protection on the desktop, Tracking protection by default on iOS, and the Facebook Container Extension, all of which were released last year.

According to Mozilla, its customers have long asked for features and services that respect online privacy, and it has already promised to tackle harmful practices like fingerprinting, which is used to track users across the web, and crypto-mining, which hijacks a computer’s CPU to generate crypto-currency for someone else’s benefit.

In Firefox 67, users can turn on features that allow them to stay protected from these nefarious practices. The options have been previously tested in the pre-release channels last month, the browser maker explains.

full article here:
Author: Dark Reading Staff

An AWS-hosted database was configured with no username or password required for access to personal data.

How many Instagram influencers does it take to create a massive unplanned data release? At least 49 million, if the contents of a publicly exposed database are any indication.

In the latest data incident involving an AWS-hosted database misconfiguration, a database containing contact information for millions of Instagram influencers was found by researcher Anurag Sen, who discovered that the information required no username or password for access.

full article here:
VoodooShield / Re: VoodooShield v5 STABLE Thread
« Last post by Andi on May 21, 2019, 10:42:36 pm »
Find a little bug...
VoodooShield / Re: VoodooShield v5 STABLE Thread
« Last post by Andi on May 21, 2019, 04:39:00 pm »
Disable AdGuard, add-on/extension & check.

From my screenshoot you can see that AdGuard is disabled.
VoodooShield / Re: VoodooShield v5 STABLE Thread
« Last post by Andi on May 21, 2019, 04:36:49 pm »
Right-click ... "Save link as" gave me the download.

Thanks, this work  ;)

btw: User guide for Voodooshield 3.0 ( March 2016 )
 :o :o :o

This require update, ASAP!!!
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