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Forum Etiquette
« on: November 03, 2018, 09:15:36 pm »
The following are the Do's and Don't s when your posting and interacting on a security forum
What to Do on a Forum

1. Know the basic rules of that particular forum.

2. Get to know the other people.

3.Read and reread your message

4. Respect the opinions of others.

5. Stay away from flame wars.

6. Be patient with new participants.

7. Remember that even private forums are somewhat public.

8. If you come into the discussion late, read earlier posts to catch up.

What Not to Do on a Forum

1. Don't tell jokes.

2. Don't try to sell something.

3. Stay away from all caps or large signature lines

4. Don't post too much personal information.

5. Don't grandstand or hijack the forum.

6.Don't post for the sake of posting.

 Most Important Forum Rule

If you make an occasional mistake on a forum, offer a brief apology and move on. Most people will forget about it if you don't turn it into something bigger than it needs to be. Remember that the most important rule on forums is to show respect for other members at all times.

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