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**UPDATE New Version Clean Space 7.25
« on: August 16, 2018, 12:02:59 am »
Release date: 16 August 2018
New function and bug fixes

 What's new in version 7.25?
Thanks to you, to your feedback, today we're introducing changes that were requested by our users!
• Added new function: delete computer garbage on Windows OS startup You can enable this option in the settings area of the program, in the "Tray Agent" section. When tray agent launches (this happens when you log in to Windows OS) it will start deleting garbage immediately.
This is good alternative to option "Delete garbage and shut down PC" , which is already exists in the tray menu. For example, it is not convenient to always shut down your PC using this old option, or you often forget to do that. The new option gives you power to always have clean PC on startup!
• Another addition to the function above is ability to exit tray agent after cleaning was done using the new function. You will see additional checkbox in the settings area. On Windows OS startup, right after cleanup, the tray agent will exit from memory (after 10 seconds delay). This is convenient for those who do not want keep tray agent running for all the time.
• Fixed problem with cleaning log files of automatic Windows Update. The problem was is that on a newer versions of Windows OS log files always busy and cannot be deleted by our program. Since this logs does not contain any private information (only technical data related to updates to system core) we have decided to disable cleaning of such logs. This is not violate any security or decrease performance of your computer. These logs, anyway, will be deleted later by the system itself.

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