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Paragon Partition Manager Updates
« on: September 12, 2015, 04:34:04 pm »

Partition Manager 14 Free Edition
(For personal use only)
Partition Manager version 15... available only in paid versions.

The safest tool for hard drive partitioning!

Partitioning is not for amateurs. That is why millions of people have trusted our safe, stable technology and professional software solutions for over 20 years. Our latest 14 version easily organizes your hard drive and redistributes free space to enhance system performance.

Create partition, format partition, assign drive letter
The Create Partition Wizard creates a new partition in the most appropriate place of your hard disk, formats it to NTFS and then makes it available in the system by assigning a drive letter

Move, resize, delete partitions
The move/resize partition function allows you to resize or change location of any partition without destroying its data. The delete partition wizard helps you accomplish the deletion of a partition.
Make full use of your hard disk capacity! The Partition Manager offers an extensive range of functions for flexible partitioning, optimization and managing your computer. No matter whether you are restructuring your hard drive and dividing it up in partitions, redistributing free memory storage space, using several operating systems on the PC at once or want to work with virtual hard disks, Partition Manager puts a single first-class partitioning tool with powerful extra functions at your fingertips.

The Partition Manager comes in three editions: >> Compare editions
  • Free Edition = offers basic functions for those who don’t need everything.
  • Home Edition = THE standard software for partitioning hard drives without data loss.
  • Professional Edition = the solution with an expanded range of functions for pros.
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Re: Paragon Partition Manager 14 Free Edition or new version 15 paid
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2017, 06:40:42 pm »
Partition Manager 14 Free Edition
(For personal use only)

Partition Manager version 15... available only in paid versions.

System Requirements

For free editions... downloads below.
Download: Partition Mananger 14 x32
Download: Partition Mananger 14 x64
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