Author Topic: Fortnite Fraudsters Infest the Web with Fake Apps, Scams  (Read 114 times)

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Fortnite Fraudsters Infest the Web with Fake Apps, Scams
« on: June 23, 2018, 01:43:47 am »
 by Tara Seals
Fortnite, the sandbox video game, has become so popular that its maker, Epic Games, is ponying up $100 to $300 million to supply prize money for eSports tournaments. What it hasn’t ponied up for – at least not yet – is an Android version. Which means the bad guys are having a field day.

We reported not too long ago on the scourge of fake Fortnite Android apps spreading around the web, looking to entice desperate mobile gamers hungry for a version they can play on their Galaxy devices, et al – and because the game has not been officially released for the platform, these have been quite successful. The Google search “Fortnite for Android” is one of the first auto-fill suggestions for search terms, indicating its popularity. All too often these searches go to scam sites.

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