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Flashback Screen Recorder
« on: September 26, 2018, 08:56:56 pm »

FlashBack Express is a screen recording tool that can capture desktop activity as it happens, record the results as a movie, and even upload the resulting clip to YouTube or other video sharing sites. is the former BB FlashBack Express of (formerly BB FlashBack). BB FlashBack is now "Flashback"  a Blueberry Software Product.

Options given to record either full screen, an individual window, or any region of the screen that you like. FlashBack Express can capture application sound, too, perfect if you'd like to capture your performance in a game.

The product is easy to use and is completely FREE! There are options to limit the final video size (useful when sharing the results online). FlashBack Express can export it in AVI or Flash formats (SWF and FLV) plus you can even upload it directly to YouTube,, Viddler or Revver.

NOTE: As of version 5.30, a licence key is no longer required to use FlashBack Express.

Flashback comes in two variants: Pro version and Express (which is the FREE version)

See product comparison below.


Latest Build v5.28 : Jan 2018

  • Records from ASIO audio devices
  • Fix: possible crash when webcam is unavailable
  • Improves appearance of localised versions of FlashBack when running on English Windows.
  • Improves audio quality when exporting to MP4 with openh264 codec.
  • Color codes objects in the timeline bars.
  • Fix: incorrect naming of microphone and ‘pc sounds’ sound tracks
  • Adds MP4 and AVI export formats to FlashBack Express
  • Fix: the ‘Minimise when recording’ menu item in recorder would appear to be ‘on’ when it was actually set ‘off’ and vice-versa
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