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Win 10 failed installations
« on: August 25, 2015, 09:47:53 pm »
I had worked on one laptop that I upgraded. It ran the complete upgrade, process. Once Win 10 runs through the initial startup,
and goes to the desktop, all the user has is a desktop with Blue Window screen, absolutely no desktop icons, a start button that will not function and a search bar as well that will not function. You can get to task manager,  old alt+ctrl+del. Basically you have lost all functions of your system. I think what causes this is a third party software, usually anti-virus, firewall, etc.

I received a phone call today, a friend had this problem on there laptop. I guess you could spend hours trying to fix it, but I just would rather spend 20 minutes or so to revert to previous OS Win 7 or Win 8. This has always happened in WIN 7 upgrades so far.

The quick fix to roll back to your working OS. Hard power down. Power back up until you get to your login screen. To get into the Win 10 recovery, troubleshooting, etc. Hold down the shift and keep it down, go to the power button lower right and left click restart. You will immediately be sent to the Win 10 troubleshooting, recovery, etc. From here you can choose to do a number of things to include recover to previous OS. In 15- 20 minutes you will be back to where you were before attempting to upgrade the system. This as well works in Win 8.1

Here is some more details to review the 3 different processes, I'm more concerned with startup recovery.