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General Software / Re: Adobe® Flash Player
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:48:38 pm »
Adobe has released Version of Adobe Flash Player for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS. The update addresses bug fixes described in the Release Notes as "Assorted functional fixes".

Release date:  July 9, 2019
Vulnerability identifier: None
Platform:  Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS

Whats New
• Assorted security and functional fixes

Chromium-based browsers - PPAPI Adobe Flash®
Download for Firefox l Palemoon- NPAPI Adobe Flash®
Download for Internet Explorer - ActiveX: Adobe Flash®
Download: Adobe Un-Installer
View: Verify Version
Release notes

Security Software / Microsoft August 2019 Security Updates
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:20:36 pm »
August 2019 Security Updates
Release Date: August 13, 2019

The August security release consists of security updates for the following software:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • ChakraCore
  • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps
  • Visual Studio
  • Online Services
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Dynamics
Please note the following information regarding the security updates:

  • A list of the latest servicing stack updates for each operating system can be found in ADV990001. This list will be updated whenever a new servicing stack update is released. It is important to install the latest servicing stack update.
  • Windows 10 updates are cumulative. The monthly security release includes all security fixes for vulnerabilities that affect Windows 10, in addition to non-security updates. The updates are available via the Microsoft Update Catalog.
  • Updates for Windows RT 8.1 and Microsoft Office RT software are only available via Windows Update.
  • For information on lifecycle and support dates for Windows 10 operating systems, please see Windows Lifecycle Facts Sheet.
  • In addition to security changes for the vulnerabilities, updates include defense-in-depth updates to help improve security-related features.
  • Starting in May 2019, Internet Explorer 11 is available on Windows Server 2012. This configuration is present only in the IE Cumulative package.
The following CVEs have FAQs with additional information and may include * further steps to take after installing the updates. Please note that this is not a complete list of CVEs for this release.

Security Software / Re: Microsoft® Malicious Software Removal Tool
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:12:57 pm »
Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool
The updated version of Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is available.

Date Published: 08.13.2019
File Size: 52.5 MB
Language: English

Please review KB890830 for the list of malicious software that the current version of the tool is capable of removing as well as usage instructions. Also, please be aware that this tool reports anonymous information back to Microsoft in the event that an infection is found or an error is encountered. The above KB article contains information on how to disable this functionality and what specific information is sent to Microsoft.

  Microsoft Download Center

General Software / Re: Cleanmgr+ Updates and News
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:35:04 pm »
Cleanmgr+ v1.2.2.712 Released
(July 29, 2019)

Whats New
• Optimized cleanup of Temporary files
• Added new light theme (One+)

Download: Cleanmgr+

General Software / Cleanmgr+ Updates and News
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:20:34 pm »

A Improved Replacement for Microsoft Disk Cleanup

Cleanmgr+ is a portable app that builds upon the Microsoft Disk Clean-up Tool (Cleanmgr.exe) by adding additional features and deleting more junk than the Disk Clean-up Tool.

Disk Cleanup isn't immediately disappearing from your machine, but it is nearing its shelf life as far as Microsoft is concerned. It can still be used by right-clicking a drive, selecting Properties, and then click the Disk Cleanup button to launch it. And it still works the same way on Windows 10 today.

You can also launch it from the Start menu or run the cleanmgr.exe program. But it was deprecated with the October 2018 update. This fact means that it has been replaced by a new tool. Windows 10 version 1803 came up with the Storage Sense functionality, and it works in relatively the same as the Disk Cleanup Tool.

The downside of Storage Sense is the massive UI. This size is why I decided to make Cleanmgr+ to circumvent that massive UI of Storage Sense but still provide a utility that is true to the original.

Find the full list of all available options below.
• Windows Update Files
• Windows Component Store (WinSxS folder)
• Downloaded Program Files
• Temporary Internet Files
• Offline webpages
• Delivery Optimization Files
• DirectX Shader Cache
• Recycle bin
• Temporary files
• Thumbnails
• Game Statistic files
• Files discarded by Windows upgrade
• System archived Windows Error reports
• And Much Much More...

Product Info:

General Software / Re: Paint.NET
« on: August 10, 2019, 11:04:33 pm »
Paint.Net v4.2.1 Released
This update addes JPEG XR file type support and fixes several important issues and crashes.

Whats New
  • New: JPEG XR file type support (Windows 8.1+ required)
  • Fixed: Holding Ctrl when dragging a selection with Move Selected Pixels will again leave a copy behind (but only with the mouse)
  • Fixed crashes when saving DDS images
  • Fixed VTF file type plugin. It was not working in 4.2 except for images that were an exact power-of-2 size on each dimension.
  • Fixed: .BMP files can be opened even if they’re not actually BMP images (they still need to be a valid WIC-supported file type such as PNG, JPEG, etc.)
  • Fixed very bad performance when opening large images with embedded rotation metadata
  • Fixed various crashes, such as when using File->New or Image->Resize, that sometimes happened if the previous update needed a reboot but either 1) it didn’t tell you that, or 2) it did but you didn’t reboot
  • Fixed the problem that was causing the need for the aforementioned reboot in the first place (string resources file was locked by the thumbnail provider shell extension)
  • Fixed: Text tool will no longer draw tiny text when an image uses dots-per-centimeter instead of dots-per-inch
  • Fixed menu ordering of effect plugins that have duplicate names
  • Fixed: The mouse wheel may now be used to scroll the Palettes menu in the Colors window (thanks @AndrewDavid for the suggestion and @toe_head2001 for the fix!)
  • Fixed metadata handling that was preventing some images with EXIF tag 330 from being able to load
  • Fixed metadata preservation for old images that pad EXIF string values with null terminators
  • Fixed title bar text color when using certain custom accent colors in Windows 10
  • Fixed title bar accent color when Tablet Mode is enabled
Download: Paint.NET

General Software / Re: PDF Shaper
« on: August 07, 2019, 07:59:59 pm »
PDF Shaper v.9.2
Released July 29 2019

Whats New
New Features
• Added Czech translation.
• New tool - PDF to DOC, converts PDF files to MS Word DOC.
• "Add Images" button to open dialog with image preview.
• Updated user interface and translations.
• Improved drag and drop support.
• Improved program performance.
• Fixed bug with drawing flipped text.
• Fixed bug with default font color in watermark tools.

Download: PDF Shaper
Changelog: PDF Shaper

General Software / Re: BurnAware
« on: August 03, 2019, 08:18:59 am »
BurnAware v12.5
Released: July 32 2019

Whats New
New features
• Updated translations.
• Updated algorithm of file extraction in Unpack ISO tool.
• Improved audio track conversion in Audio CD compilations.
• Improved support of PLS and M3U playlists.
• Improvements to session import process.
• Improvements to disc reading and copying.
• Improved user interface for standard DPI resolution.
Bug Fixes
• Resolved problem with memory leaks during disc copying

Download: BurnAware
Changelog: BurnAware

General Software / Re: Pale Moon
« on: July 26, 2019, 04:14:31 pm »
Pale Moon v28.6.1 Released

  • Improved handling of FTP resource loading (allow save-as and cater to some FTP-based browsing).
  • Added a preference (security.block_ftp_subresources) to allow users to completely bypass the blocking of FTP subresources if required for their environment, if the improvements made in this release do not suffice.
  • Added blocking of authentication-locked cross-origin image subresources by default to prevent spurious auth prompts.

A preference (network.auth.subresource-http-img-XO-auth) was added to allow users to bypass this blocking if required for their environment.
  • Changed the behavior of file: URIs to treat each URI as a unique origin. This prevents cross-file access from scripting.

A preference (security.fileuri.unique_origin) was added to allow users to relax this restriction if required for their environment.
  • Implemented a revised version of http2PushedStream to address some thread safety issues.
  • Aligned browser behavior with mainstream regarding inner window behavior when domain is manipulated.
  • Backed out a 28.5.* patch for causing multiple issues in the UI and web content.
  • Updated NSS to 3.41.2 (custom) to pick up several upstream fixes.
  • Fixed a type confusion issue in JavaScript Arrays. (DiD)
  • Added a fix for cross-thread access of Necko. (DiD)
  • Added a port safety check for Alternative Services.
  • Implemented fixes for applicable security issues: CVE-2019-11719, CVE-2019-11711, CVE-2019-11715, CVE-2019-11717, CVE-2019-11714 (DiD), CVE-2019-11729 (DiD), CVE-2019-11727 (DiD), CVE-2019-11730 (DiD), CVE-2019-11713 (DiD) and several networking and memory-safety hazards that do not have CVE numbers.
DiD This means that the fix is "Defense-in-Depth": It is a fix that does not apply to a (potentially) actively exploitable vulnerability in Pale Moon, but prevents future vulnerabilities caused by the same code, e.g. when surrounding code changes, exposing the problem, or when new attack vectors are discovered.

*Download Links-Direct .EXE*
Pale Moon 28.6.1
Pale Moon 28.6.1 x64 
Pale Moon Portable 28.6.1

Security Software / Re: AdwCleaner Updates
« on: July 25, 2019, 05:54:20 pm »
AdwCleaner v7.4 Released
July 25, 2019

New Features
AdwCleaner 7.4 new features:
• Scan and manage Preinstalled software. For more informations, see this blog post
• New detection glossary available during scan results.
• Create a system restore point whenever a preinstalled software is detected.
• Add an informative message explaining what is a preinstalled software.
• Support HTTP/2 for all HTTP requests.
• Use Windows 10 styled titlebar.
• Increase the UI dimensions.
• Update translations.
• Update telemetry endpoint.
• Update to Qt 5.9.8.
•Update to libsodium 1.0.18
• Definitions 2019.07.22.1
Bug Fixes
• Fix survey not closing from the X button .
• Various UI optimizations

Download: AdwCleaner

General Software / Re: CCleaner Updates
« on: July 19, 2019, 08:32:14 pm »
CCleaner v5.60.77307 Released
16 July 2019

Browser Clean
•  Improved the Flash cleaning rules in Chrome, Opera & CCleaner Browser
Software Updater
• Fixed a disappearing text bug
• Fixed a navigational bug
• Inserted additional translations into the installer

Download CCleaner
Other Builds
Whats New

Caution: Many companies are adding or bundling prechecked offers of other software with their installation processes.
UNCHECK any unwanted, prechecked software installs that may be offered.

Utilities / Re: Mp3tag Updates
« on: July 13, 2019, 06:05:52 pm »
Mp3tag v2.97 Released

This version fixes an issue where when pasting cover-
art from the clipboard was not possible anymore.

Whats New
• FIX: some global placeholders at export (e.g., %_total_files%) were not evaluated on a
per-loop basis anymore (since v2.91b). (
• FIX: error message was empty if export file was opened and locked by another
• FIX: invisible _SEPARATOR fields on the Tag Panel were part of the tab sequence.
• CHG: copying cover art from Firefox via clipboard uses original image data if
• FIX: copying cover art from Firefox via clipboard was no longer possible (since
Download: Mp3tag

Security Software / Re: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
« on: July 02, 2019, 06:28:28 pm »
Malwarebytes v3.8.3 Build 2965

Performance/protective capability
  • Improved detection and remediation techniques.
Stability/issues fixes
  • Fixed: Grey screen of death related to MWAC DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
  • Fixed: issue where Web Protection would continue to block/unblock whitelisted URLs until the machine was rebooted.
  • Fixed: issue where Web Protection could interfere with IPv6 connectivity.
  • Fixed: Malwarebytes erroneously registers with Windows Security Center on Windows 10 update 1903.
  • Fixed: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR (7a) blue screen of death that occurred during rootkit scan.
  • Fixed: minor issues with multi-language support.

Download l Direct Exe Load: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Download: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Download: Malwarebytes Cleanup Utility

General Software / Re: PDF Shaper
« on: June 27, 2019, 08:46:33 pm »
PDF Shaper v.9.1
Released JUNE 10 2019

Whats New
New Features
• New tools - delete annotations and delete bookmarks.
• Updated translations.
• Improved Unicode support in built-in and external PDF Viewer.
• Improved metadata processing during PDF merge operations.
• Improved processing of PDF documents with more than 1000 pages.
• Improved support of high-DPI display resolutions.
• Improved text extraction from non-image PDF documents.
• Minor improvements to user interface and OCR reading.
• Fixed bug with loading unicode file names in PDF Viewer.
• Fixed bug with XREF chunks missing after merging files.

Download: PDF Shaper
Changelog: PDF Shaper

General Software / Re: Notepad++ Updates..
« on: June 20, 2019, 05:40:55 pm »
Notepad++ vv7.7.1
Release Date: 2019-06-20

3 regression are fixed in this version: a quite old regression (dragging tab issue) and 2 new regressions (ASP syntax highlighting issue and Cyrillic/Turkish ANSI mode input issue).
The other fixes & some new enhancements are included in this release. Please check the change log in the download page for more detail.

Whats New
• Fix drag and drop tab regression: dragging tab is switched to another tab issue.
• Fix an input regression: Cyrillic, Turkish and other languages input issue in ANSI mode.
• Fix an ASP regression: VB looses syntax highlighting in ASP document.
• Fix Reload dialog displaying issue during File Monitoring.
• Fix “unhide lines” markers disappears issue.
• Fix Plugin menu is not localized issue if no plugin installed.
• Add “Copy File Name” command in context menu of “Folder as Workspace”.
•Fix crash while sorting lines with numbers longer than 20 digits.
• Enable Scintilla Virtual Space Option change from macro.
•Add Tcl, CMake and AutoIt keywords; add Python and SQL new syntax highlighting cathegories.

  Download: NotePad

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