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Members Corkboard / stoked two
« on: April 26, 2017, 11:09:42 pm »
Hey , December 2, 2016

Updates Talk / Atom/Windows XP optimized Pale Moon 26.0.02
« on: February 04, 2016, 08:40:39 pm »
Atom/Windows XP optimized Pale Moon 26.0.02

It is still buggy

Have trouble to get rights to get things to work with No Script and to get flash to show up at YouTube etc.
Then to play some games I can not even find the placeholder so I can give the right to it.

All the ways I have always give sites rights is now a pain and Flash is the worse. I get "An error as occurred. Please try again later." it is sites that I give temp rights to because of flash that are a pain. YouTube being one of them now.

Flash place holder with no script should be blank with NoScript and flash icon.
Now it shows it with the added over lay with error message and over lay of flash player controls. Plus added VLC media icon or all 3 icons.
May have to reload pay many times to get it to play and close out overlay and reload many times.

This is NOT GOOD.

Had to give rights again to COU so this may be NoScipt needs updated to work right with new version.

What ever things are not right.  :o

I see it in all links

I login and then go to main page and have this link.

I click around and need to login again and the main page link is now changed.;

Now I do not need a cookie because your using the PHPSESSID links at site but it's is not working right and bookmarks gets screwed up.

I just had the same thing at and posted and as I was clicking and getting info to post they seem to have changed the site links and now I got to have a cookie again.
So guess this was a Simple Machines thing.

Products Info & Discussions / ConvertIcon
« on: August 12, 2015, 10:32:18 pm »

This handy little web application lets you convert between PNG and ICO formats without losing any quality or downloading any software.

Doing it all online makes it easy too
You got many sizes to pick from and export .ICO too.


Converticon is a simple icon utility.  It can import ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPEG formats and export to high-quality PNG or ICO files.  There is no software to download and it's 100% free.

Press the button below to load an image.  Enjoy! :)

Feedback & Suggestions / What is Good and Bad or Buggy at new CoU?
« on: August 07, 2015, 04:33:51 am »
What is Good and Bad or Buggy at new CoU?

Tell us what you think so we can make it better.

So far I thing font need to be a little bigger. The Quote font is real small for me.

Wow lots of font colors and the GLOW is Cool

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