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Title: Technology// Mozilla Firefox For ARM64 Beta Now Available
Post by: Antus67 on April 12, 2019, 01:40:58 am
Author: Mayank Parmar


Back in December 2018, Mozilla announced that it is bringing Firefox browser to Windows 10 on ARM platform. In January, Mozilla published the Nightly preview builds of Firefox for Windows 10 on ARM.

Today, Mozilla has promoted this new version of Firefox to its beta channel and anyone with an ARM-powered Windows 10 device can test it. Firefox ARM is still in beta and bugs are likely to be experienced, but Mozilla has been working on its Quantum technology to help Firefox run smoothly on Windows 10 devices with CPUs from Qualcomm.

Mozilla says it has managed to push the multi-core paradigm one step further and octa-core CPU are now also supported. To further enhance the performance and deliver a faster browsing experience, Mozilla is also using Rust’s fearless concurrency which is designed to intelligently divide browsing tasks across those cores.

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