Author Topic: Security Updates from the Win10 Fall Creators Update  (Read 233 times)

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Security Updates from the Win10 Fall Creators Update
« on: December 12, 2017, 04:42:15 pm »
Hello, Paul Bergson, back with some great new information regarding the recent release of Fall Creators Update (FCU) for Windows 10, Microsoft released some great new security features that can protect you from unwanted Malware.

I have heard from customers on multiple occasions that their customers are doing just fine with their desktop operating system, one told me “their operating system is getting a bit old, but it still works so why should I upgrade?” That is a great question and it reminds me of a poster that was hung at a railroad switchyard I worked at while going through college. The poster had a general getting his men ready for battle, they were all outfitted with medieval armor as well as swords and bow & arrows. A young scientist was trying to get the generals attention on newly developed battlefield equipment, a machine gun. The general was dismissing him, telling him he was too busy to be bothered and to leave him alone. I sometimes worry this is occurring and, so I try evangelizing the latest tools Microsoft provides to help protect our customers. Just try and keep the following in mind, you can’t expect to beat security threats of the present with tools from the past.

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