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Security Software / Re: MVPS Hosts Updates
« Last post by hayc59 on June 24, 2017, 09:55:17 pm »
MVPS HOSTS File Update June 23rd 2017


How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file
HOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questions
Note: the "text" version makes a great resource for determining possible unwanted connections ...
Get notified when the MVPS HOSTS file is updated

Download: MVPS Hosts Blog
Utilities / Re: Mp3tag Updates
« Last post by hayc59 on June 23, 2017, 07:30:45 pm »
Mp3tag v2.83 Released

This version adds support for importing from Discogs via Release ID, drops support for import via Amazon, adds detection and removal of Nero-style MP4 tags, and improves the handling of cue sheets.

Whats New
• NEW: added MP4 column to tag-field mappings overview table in documentation.
• CHG: removed Amazon tag sources after invalidated Mp3tag's web services account.
• CHG: Discogs tag source name is now correctly capitalized.
• LNG: updated Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Polish and Turkish language files.
• NEW: added Discogs Release ID tag source to directly search by Discogs Release ID.
• NEW: added support for ISRC field in cue sheets.
• CHG: main performer from cue sheet is now mapped to ALBUMARTIST (instead of ALBUM ARTIST).
• FIX: special characters in main performer from cue sheet were not correctly converted when writing.
• FIX: cue sheets that started with a different track number than 1 were not read.
• FIX: checkboxes at dialog for cover export were not labeled correctly (since 2.82b).
• FIX: tags saved to wrong file when auto-save was enabled and column-click in file list changed the file order.
• FIX: Discogs Web Source had problems with certain artists which resulted in obsolete comma after artist name.
• FIX: sort Arrow was incorrectly shown for next column after adding or removing a column left from the sort column.
• NEW: added option to restrict action-based cover export to certain cover type.
• FIX: added detection of non-iTunes custom tags which are now kept unmodified during rewrites.
• FIX: encoding of cover art for Opus did not always include Base64 padding (which was problematic for some players).
• NEW: added support for stripping Nero-style chapter information from MP4 files via context-menu in the file list.
• NEW: added support for detecting Nero-style MP4 tags and reporting via %_tag% if present.
• FIX: runtime error at Export if loop limit exceeded actual export result set size.
• LNG: added Indonesian language file.
• FIX: possible index overflow at $substr() scripting function.

Download: Mp3tag
Security Software / Re: Webroot SecureAnywhere
« Last post by hayc59 on June 20, 2017, 04:32:04 pm »
Webroot SecureAnywhere v9.0.17.24
Released: June 14th 2017

Whats New
• New file hash calculation to the agent log files.
• Bug Fixes.

Download: Webroot SecureAnywhere
Changelog: Webroot SecureAnywhere New
Release Notes: Webroot SecureAnywhere 
General Software / Re: Notepad++ Updates..
« Last post by hayc59 on June 19, 2017, 09:24:47 am »
Notepad++ v7.4.2
18 Jun 2017 21:21:00

Whats New
• Add SWIFT language support
• Fix replace in files regression.
• Enhance Find Replace dialog (resiable & remove search direction radio button).
• Fix a crash issue while doing a column insertion on a CJK unicode document.
• Fix repeated notification dialog for modification from outside of Notepad++.
• Fix a visual glitchy during tab drag and drop.

Download: Notepad++
Updates Talk / Re: Do you use a History Cleaner?
« Last post by Hardhead on June 18, 2017, 05:51:17 am »
I have been using CCleaner and Revo Pro Uninstaller.
I have never tried CCleaner Pro before but I do like the free slim version. I wish they would release the update along with the other two. That would be very nice.

Revo Uninstaller Pro, I generally use it when I remove programs from the Windows Program Uninstall list. Also Revo has windows cleaner and other program commands that can be ran.

General Software / Re: Foxit Reader
« Last post by hayc59 on June 17, 2017, 10:17:54 pm »
Foxit Reader v8.3 Released

Whats New
• Enhanced comment management
• Users can filter comments by author and status, and check the total number of comments in the Comment panel.
• Add and share inline comments online
• Add inline comments to PDF documents at a specified location to share and discuss with other users online.
ConnectedPDF enhancements
• The ConnectedPDF Review and ConnectedPDF Protection workflows have been redesigned to provide a better user experience in document review and protection.
• Some other user-friendly enhancements.
Issues Addressed
• Fixed some security and stability issues

Download Foxit Reader 8.3
Updates Talk / Re: Do you use a History Cleaner?
« Last post by hayc59 on June 17, 2017, 06:04:05 pm »
CCleaner always :)
Updates Talk / Re: Do you use a History Cleaner?
« Last post by bagger015 on June 17, 2017, 02:55:57 pm »
I use ccleaner and revo uninstaller pro.
Easy to use and they work well.
Updates Talk / Do you use a History Cleaner?
« Last post by Hardhead on June 17, 2017, 08:29:42 am »
Just wondering what and if you use a History cleaner to clean your PC from junk files.
Would be interested in knowing what product you use and why.

Thanks The Calendar of Updates Team
General Software / Re: jv16 PowerTools
« Last post by hayc59 on June 16, 2017, 05:02:25 pm »
jv16 PowerTools 2017 v Released

Whats New:
Bug Fixes
• Fix: The software’s executables are again signed with a code signing certificate (the previous certificate expired).
• Fix: Pictures AntiSpy can display an error message about EFOpenError (in the case it cannot access a picture file).
• Fix: The Main Window can display an error message “Control pnlHomeHost has no parent window.”
• Fix: The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer can dispay an EAccessViolation error message when fixing the found errors.
• Fix: When jv16 PowerTools is installed, it’s possible the GUI mode in Quick Tutorial will have neither options selected by default.
• Fix: Fixed a typo from the English User Interface that said “Licensesd” instead of “Licensed”.
• Fix: The Clean And SpeedUp My Computer can display an error message relating to “edb.chk” file.
• Fix: The Clean And SpeedUp My Computer can go back and forth between the “Performing final analysis” and the list of currently running scan modules.
• Fix: Using the software with a translation, especially German, can make some of the tab caption texts not to be fully displayed due to lack of space on screen.
• Fix: Find My Licenses tool can display an incorrect date of the license purchase for very old order (before 2016).
• Fix: My Account and Find My License tools can in some rare cases display a data download error even if there is a valid internet connection.
• Fix: Opening the Main Window can display an Access Violation error message relating to GetItemCount.
Feature Improvements
• Improvement: The Initial Setup runs up to 30% faster.
• Improvement: The Software Uninstaller runs up to 20% faster.
• Improvement: The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer runs up to 5% faster.
• Improvement: In the case user attempts to license the software with an incorrect name, such as only using their first name or a nickname, the software now displays a better error message. We require our users to use their full name when licensing the software. If you have licensed the software with a nickname or with your first name only, please contact our support to add your full name to record so you can use the software correctly.
• Improvement: The software will automatically clean old debug data saved to its Backups folder.
• Improvement: Improved compatibility with Roxio and Corel products.
• Improvement: The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer will now display an additional confirmation before restarting user’s computer. Before, a tick in a checkbox was enough to confirm the computer restart which could cause an unwanted system reboot.
• Improvement: The software now automatically scans the computer for any temporary files created and accidentally left over by jv16 PowerTools itself.

Download: jv16 PowerTools
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