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Security Software / Re: Microsoft® Malicious Software Removal Tool v5.51
« Last post by hayc59 on September 12, 2017, 06:43:31 pm »
Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool
The updated version of Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is available.

Version: 5.52
Date Published: 09.12.2017
Language: English
Download Size: 41.7 MB

Please review KB890830 for the list of malicious software that the current version of the tool is capable of removing as well as usage instructions. Also, please be aware that this tool reports anonymous information back to Microsoft in the event that an infection is found or an error is encountered. The above KB article contains information on how to disable this functionality and what specific information is sent to Microsoft.

  Microsoft Download Center
General Software / Re: Adobe® Flash Player
« Last post by hayc59 on September 12, 2017, 05:23:17 pm »
Adobe Flash Player v27.0.0.130 Released

In today's scheduled release, we've updated Flash Player and AIR with important bug fixes, security updates, and new features.

Whats New:
• The application will behave abnormally when spacebar is pressed in the Text Field.(FP-4198253)
• Win10 Context menu displayed with Offset when Flash Player movie fullscreen on Chrome(FP-4198406)
New Features
• Starting with Flash Player version 27, users can select specific audio output device directly from the Flash Player Settings dialog through a newly added audio output tab.
• All attached audio output devices on the system will be listed in the drop-down menu. The user can select any of the available devices and once the settings dialog is closed, audio will start\ playing from the selected device. The selected device will be the current audio playback device for all Flash Player instances.
• And much much more..

Download for Safari Firefox & PaleMoon Adobe Flash®
Download for Internet Explorer: Adobe Flash®
Download for Opera and Chromium Adobe Flash®
Download: Adobe Un-Installer
View: Verify Version
View: Release Notes
View: Security Bulletin
General Software / Re: BurnAware
« Last post by hayc59 on September 12, 2017, 04:46:27 pm »
BurnAware v10.5
Released September 12, 2017

New Features
• Option to prevent entering sleep mode while disc burning.
• Updated and improved main UI theme (Categories view).
• Updated translations and installer.
• Improvements to buffer handling in Multiburn tool.
• Improved file extraction process in Data Recorvery tool.
• Minor optimizations for high-DPI screens.
Bug Fixes    
• Fixed bug with creating new session on single-session disc.
• Fixed bug with auto disabling Direct Copy mode in Copy Disc tool.
• Resolved problem with burning multiple copies in Copy Disc tool.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Download: BurnAware
Changelog: BurnAware 10.5
General Software / Re: RegSeeker
« Last post by hayc59 on September 05, 2017, 08:05:51 pm »
RegSeeker v4.50

Whats New
New Features
NEW : Script support ! RegSeeker includes a custom script engine to perform aumtomation tasks !
(see script exemples in RegSeeker script folder)
NEW : Fully DPI aware
NEW : support UTF8 coding for language. Simply add UTF8Coding=1 in the top section of the language file.
NEW : improve tablet mode support
NEW : Theme support (see file themes.ini). You can add your own themes
IMPROVE : more applications cleaning
FIXES : several fixes and speed optimizations

RegSeeker is working for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 ( x86 and x64 platforms)

Download: RegSeeker
VoodooShield / Re: VoodooShield Beta Thread
« Last post by hayc59 on September 03, 2017, 10:04:43 pm »
More info from MalewareTips post and forum
As far as the rules are concerned… this is the reason why they are vital.

Traditional application whitelisting utilities, for the most part, have an if then statement similar to this pseudocode…
If the blockedProcess is not on the whitelist then

blockProcess = true
End If

VS has around 50 or so (I have not counted) hard coded rules that I have written over the last few years, that automatically allow safe items that should not be blocked… here is a pseudocode example…

If VoodooShield is on AutoPilot and the blockedProcessParent is on the whitelist

If the blockedProcess VoodooAi < .3333 and the blockedProcess BlacklistScan < 3 then

blockProcess = false

End If

End If

The reason these items should not be blocked is simple… the average user should not be burdened with dangerous and unnecessary affirmative user prompts. Not only are user prompts annoying, but they are dangerous. Your security software can only cry wolf so many times before the end user automatically clicks the allow button.

VS does a great job of auto allowing safe items using its hard coded rules, but we need to do even more to reduce dangerous affirmative user prompts. User prompts do not bother security enthusiasts or professionals… but believe me, the average end user cannot stand them. I swear, most average users will uninstall VS, or any deny by default software, after only a couple of blocks.

There is only one way that deny by default solutions will ever reach the masses. Believe me, I know, I have worked directly with thousands of end users since 1999, and I know their squeal point. I see them in person, or hear them on the phone when they say “VoodooShield blocked…” and they sound incredibly frustrated.

So the whole point of the rules wizard is to take these rules one step further, and allow as many safe items as possible for the end user. The really cool thing is that we can add all of the rules to the default ruleset, so it will be completely seamless to the end user. And if the end user wants to choose one of the other community rulesets… perhaps one that is more aggressive, then they can do that as well.

As I was saying, this is just the first implementation of the new rules wizard feature. Even in its current state, it is highly flexible and granular, but we will develop this feature even more over the next few months and add several more parameters, so it will become even more flexible.
VoodooShield / Re: VoodooShield Beta Thread
« Last post by hayc59 on September 03, 2017, 10:02:52 pm »
Here is VS 4.0 BETA! Once again, sorry it took so long… if you knew what all was involved, you would completely understand. There are still a few small things that I need to adjust in the next day or two, but they are just very small issues.

The only thing I am worried about is the registration. I have tested it on my end with several computers, and it seems to be working correctly, but who knows what can happen, with firewalls and what not.
BTW, some of the file / process info in Settings / Whitelist and User Log that appears to be missing, is not really missing. I will explain this in further detail later if you guys need me to, but I think you guys will know what I mean.

If you have any problems, please let me know. Otherwise, I am going to step away from the computer for as long as possible, and I will catch up on posts and pms I missed asap, thank you guys[/b]!

Download Link:Direct Link
VoodooShield / Info on Version 4 from Dan @ Malwaretips Forum
« Last post by hayc59 on September 03, 2017, 04:35:45 pm »
Hehehe, how funny ;). I actually just now finished VS 4.0, and all that is left to do is to migrate the users from the old database to the new one, so that VS will hopefully register properly for everyone... that is really the only thing I am concerned about. It should go pretty well though, and I should be finished with it sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Sorry that this took a lot long than I initially thought... but I kept adding and tweaking stuff... even Alex was telling me that I needed to wrap it up and release it ;).

There are a few things that I need to let you guys know. The web management console is ready, but Alex had to wait on me to finish up my part before he can implement all of the features. The important thing is that it is up and running... and it will not take him long at all to add all of the new features and settings to the WMC that I added to VS. The better news... my part is done!!!!!! That was a rough 2 or so months, but it was also a heck of a lot of fun. Everything went really well for the most part... especially considering all of the changes that were made. Obviously there will be a few small bugs or adjustments that we will need to make, but overall, VS 4.0 is extremely solid... it has never ran so well.

The only "bad" news is that I completely reworked all of the databases, it is going to be difficult or impossible to migrate settings and whitelists from VS 3.0 to VS 4.0. It might be possible, but it is probably best that everyone start with new databases... they changed significantly. Besides, VS auto trains even faster than before.

Also, the new rules feature turned out well beyond my expectations. I even implemented the feature where you guys can share your rulesets with each other... it will be interesting what all rules that you guys come up with to limit blocks as much as possible, while still remaining secure. The rules feature is centered around Allow Rules... the idea being that we create rules to safely allow as much good stuff as possible, without putting the system at risk. You can also create Block Rules, but they will not be used nearly as much as the Allow Rules.

Anyway, this is just the first implementation of the rules feature... I think we can expand it the concept a lot. The whole idea being that users should be able to design their own custom AV engine, very quickly and easily. I mean, you can write an entire ruleset in the matter of minutes. There are tons of other features and little tweaks that I included as well, but just never got around to implementing them. Finally, a couple of months ago I decided to just go for it... and I am really happy how everything turned out, and hopefully you guys will be too.

Anyway, I am excited for you guys to try it! As soon as I am finished migrating all of the users, I will post VS 4.0... possibly tonight, but if not for sure tomorrow or Monday at the very, very latest. Thank you guys!
Security Software / Re: SpywareBlaster Updates
« Last post by hayc59 on September 01, 2017, 07:58:39 am »
New: 08.31.2017
Items: 17735
Last: 08.01.2017
Last: 17721
Changes: 14 Entries
14 Internet Explorer
0 Restricted Sites
0 Mozilla/Firefox
0 Chrome
0 Pale Moon

After updating remember to enable all protection!

Download: Online Updater
Security Software / Re: Avast 2017 Updates
« Last post by hayc59 on August 31, 2017, 04:35:13 pm »
Avast Antivirus v17.6.3620
Released 30 August 2017

Whats New
• Improved Anti-Phishing prevents you from falling victim to scams and fake sites (no browser extension needed!)
• New standalone Avast Cleanup Premium product with improved cleaning (to be rolled out in stages)
• We now recommend scanning for hidden network threats when you first connect to a new network
• Our systray icon now shows when you have a security notification
• Improved threat detections are now more visible and more informative about threats

Download l Forum: avast!2017
Download: avast!2017
Release History: avast!
Malware Removal Tools / Re: Malwarebytes AdwCleaner Updates
« Last post by hayc59 on August 30, 2017, 05:05:18 pm »
AdwCleaner v7.0.2.1 Released

It's a hotfix release for to fix a bug discovered during the release process. It address a misbehavior of the updater while using AdwCleaner offline.
Other than that, it contains several (good) bugfixes, improve the update experience and fix (most of) crashes.
A lot of modules have been updated (DNS, files/folders, registry, heuristics..) to cover more detections. The database has also been updated bringing a lot of new PUP/Adware families to the list of supported elements.

The final binary is also lighter by a few KB.

Whats New
• Fix update module when running offline

Download: AdwCleaner
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